About us


We have been supporting the development of employees at all levels of the organization for over 20 years. Working with clients from various industries, we have the opportunity to exchange best practices and strengthen processes related to sales management, quality management of after sales services and building positive customer experiences.


What we do


 - Designing comprehensive solutions that

increase individual efficiency and teams.

 - Designing events for companiesdesigning group

 - Individual travelplanning and strengthening personal development





Mindful Life - is a new project, dedicated to people who want to break out of the modes of speeding reality and learn to take joy in life, realize, overcome their own barriers, achieve a balance between work and private life.


Business/ corporate Wellness - specific support companies in improving staff efficiency by working in accordance with the values, maintaining work-life balance, job wellbeing at work.


Hills of Skills

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Personal development, Mindfulness, Work-Life Balance

Wellbeing & Business Wellness


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